Looking for something to do, but don’t want to go far? Check out these local farms, parks, and more!

Within Monroe Township:

Not Far From Monroe Township:

From Home:

  • Here’s a craft you can make using a single toilet paper tube, and other household supplies. Visit Crafty Morning for more instructions.


  • Practice weaving yarn with this Crown Lacing Card. Print out the crown, or draw one on cardstock. An empty cereal box also works well! Color the crown and cut it out. Punch holes around its outside, and then lace the yarn through the holes.


  • Write a Quest Letter! Imagine you are playing outside one day when a carrier pigeon drops a piece of rolled up parchment in your lap. You carefully unroll it. Inside it tells you you must save the day! Write what the letter says. Be sure to include who/what you are being called to save, why, and what the journey will look like to get there.                         


  • Create a Knight Shield. Draw the shape of a shield onto something sturdy you can cut, like cardboard or an empty cereal box. Cut it out and decorate. Tape or glue a leftover strip of cardboard to the back to create a handle. 


  • Print and cut out the Tangrams below and rearrange them to make different figures.


  • Get to know your favorite authors and illustrators at Reading Rockets by watching their video interviews.


  • Curious about what animals do all day? Instead of the zoo, go to explore.org and review their collection of livestreams featuring panda bears, hummingbirds, kittens, and more!