Downloading ebooks to your iPad, Tablet or Smartphone

To download ebooks to your iPad, tablet PC, iPhone, iPod Touch, or other smart phone or mobile device, you will need to install an app.

You can use the following apps for downloadable Library books:

Libby App

Go to the App Store, Android Market (or whichever store your device uses) and download the Libby app.

  • Open the app.
  • Click “Yes” under First Question: do you have a library card?
  • Next use the “Search for a Library” function to search for our library. It is easiest to search using the zip code (08831). Once you have searched, select eLibraryNJ.
  • Once eLibraryNJ opens, select “Sign In with My Card”. In the drop down, select “Libraries of Middlesex Automation Consortium”. Then type in your complete Monroe Township library card number, and PIN and select sign in. You will see a screen with your “Library card”. You are now logged in. Select “Next” to search for books.
  • Search for and Download a Title
    • To find a title, you can either search by title or author. You can also narrow your search by filters including format and availability. eLibraryNJ has ebooks, audiobooks and magazines.
    • Once you have selected your title, tap “Borrow” next to the picture, and again under the library card. Select “Open Book” to read the title. Your title will be under “Shelf”.

Kindle App

Go to the App Store, Android Market (or whichever store your device uses) and download the Kindle app.

  • Open the app.
  • You will need an account with Amazon.
    • If you have one already, register the device by entering the email address and password associated with your Amazon account.
    • If you don’t have one, go to to create an account. Then return to the app to register with your new Amazon account.
Now that your app is registered with, you can begin searching for ebooks!
  • Open the browser on your device and go to
  • Sign in to the website
    • Tap on Login
    • Select Libraries of Middlesex Automation Consortium from the list of libraries
    • Enter your entire Monroe Twp. Library card number and your PIN
  • Browse the collection or search for a specific title.
  • Once you select a book, select “Borrow” then “Go to Bookshelf”.  Select “Download” and check “Kindle Book”. Finally select “Confirm and Download”.
  • You will then be taken to the website. Tap on Get Library Book (you may have to log in to your Amazon account).
  • You can select where (which device) you would like to read your library ebook (if you have more than one Kindle device or app).
  • The book will then be delivered to your Kindle App. To read your book, you will access it through the Kindle app.

Want a PDF version of the above instructions with images to show you what your screen should look like?

application-pdfInstructions for Using the Libby App
application-pdfInstructions for Using the Kindle App

These documents are PDFs. You will need Adobe Acrobat on your computer to open the files.

Questions? Problems?

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