Tuesday, October 18 at 7:00pm via Zoom (register for login information)

Join us for an exquisitely moving conversation with popular CNN Anchor, Zain E. Asher, as she chats about her captivating and inspiring memoir Where the Children Take Us: How One Family Achieved the Unimaginable. In Where the Children Take Us, Asher tells the story of her mother’s harrowing fight to raise four children as a widowed immigrant in South London. There is tragedy in this tale, but it is not a tragedy. When grief threatens to engulf her fractured family after a fatal accident, Obiajulu Ejiofor, suddenly a single mother in a foreign land, refuses to accept defeat. Drawing on tough-love parenting strategies, Obiajulu teaches her sons and daughters to overcome the daily pressures of poverty, crime and prejudice–and much more. With her relentless support, the children exceed all expectations–becoming a CNN anchor, an Oscar-nominated actor–Asher’s older brother Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave)–a medical doctor, and a thriving entrepreneur. Where the Children Take Us is an unforgettable portrait of strength, tenacity, love, and perseverance embodied in one towering woman.