Are you in a reading rut? Do you often read books of the same type and very little of anything else? This year, the Library challenges you to Read Outside Your Comfort Zone. Whatever your personal preference is, a Reading Challenge can help expand your horizons and still allow you to read the books you already know you love and enjoy.

The Challenge Starts Now!

Each month in 2016 the Library will issue a new Reading Challenge topic. As you complete one month’s challenge, fill out an entry form at the Welcome Desk to be entered for a chance to win a small prize each month. If you complete all 12 challenges, you will be entered to win a grand prize at the end of the year.

The first two challenges are as follows:

  • January – Read a book you own but have never read.
  • February – Read a book set somewhere you would like to visit.
  • March – Read a book translated into English from another language.
  • April – Read a book of poetry.
  • May – Read a book originally published the decade in which you were born.
  • June – Read/listen to an audiobook.
  • July – Read a book by a famous author you’ve never read.
  • August – Read a book with bad reviews.
  • September – Read a book you’ve been meaning to read.
  • October – Read a book about a culture unfamiliar to you.
  • November – Read a YA (young adult) bestseller.
  • December – Read a book based on a true story.

The rules are simple:

  • Anyone can participate and you can include books in any language and any format, except where specified.
  • Each month read one book that meets the challenge specified by the Library.
  • Books must be read in the 2016 calendar year to qualify for entry into prize drawings.
  • Complete an entry form at the Welcome Desk each time you complete that month’s challenge. One entry per month will be drawn for a small prize.
  • Participants who complete all 12 challenge topics will be eligible for a special drawing at the end of the year.
  • Have fun and get out of your comfort zone! Read things you might not otherwise pick up.