Monroe Township Public Library Documenting COVID-19 Pandemic With “The COVID-19 Diaries

The Monroe Township Library seeks to document the COVID-19 pandemic by compiling an archival collection of memories and experiences created by Township residents during this unprecedented time in history. This collection will become The COVID-19 Diaries, a reference for residents, their families and historians for generations to come. Become a part of history by submitting your experience in any way you feel expresses you best. Examples of submissions are: journal entries, stories, records, art, photographs, video diaries/vlogs, poems, etc. 

This is an unprecedented period of struggle and change in so many ways for so many in our community. Although we are all living through this historic moment together, it has affected each one of us on a personal level.

Ask yourself:

  • How is this experience affecting your life and family? 
  • Has COVID-19 impacted your employment or business?
  • What feelings are you experiencing during the pandemic and time sheltering at home/quarantined?
  • What about this pandemic has been most difficult for you?  
  • What do you think could be some long-term repercussions of this pandemic?
  • Have you seen or heard anything that has profoundly impacted you?

All submissions may be displayed on the Library’s website, social media and in the Library building once we reopen. We will also create a digital archive to document this period in time.

Please make sure to include your full name and indicate how you would like to have your name posted with your entry. You may state your age, as well as any other information about yourself that you would like included when submitting your entry.

Please include your contact information so we may contact you to bring your project to the Monroe Township Library when we are ready to display it.

Email all submissions to: Submissions will be collected through Fall 2020.