Studio M at the Monroe Township Public Library, is a maker lab dedicated to the discovery and implementation of popular and emergent technologies. Studio M provides library patrons with access to tools and hands-on learning opportunities, and is also open for informal exploration.

Studio M is open during normal library operating hours. Some aspects of the studio are only available with the assistance of trained staff and volunteers, or by appointment.

Four iMacs are available for use. Just use your library card to check out a keyboard and mouse at the Childrens Desk.

Software on the iMacs: (to be completed)

For more information, please contact Steve Hrubes at 732-521-5000, or

Studio M Offers:

  • Digital Photography/Video Creation and Modification: Bring your own photos to scan and edit or use the green screen and cameras in Studio M to create new videos, pictures and art.
  • Music Creation (no instrument required): Use an iMac, midi keyboard, and software to create your own music or collaborate with musicians online.
  • Basic Arduino Programming: Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform. The Arduino Kits allow beginners to create and program electronic devices.
  • 3D Design and Printing: Create and print 3D plastic prototypes, models or household items. Items are created from PLA filament, a renewable bioplastic.

Informational Flyers:

application-pdfHow to Use the 3D Printer
application-pdfHow to Create Your Own T-Shirt
application-pdfHow to Play with Makey Makey
application-pdfHow to Use Garage Band
How to Make Buttons (template available in Word and pdf)

For a schedule of classes/demos and activities, see our event calendar.

Click here for specific events.

Please Note:

  • The Library does not have a photo quality printer. We suggest you edit your pictures and save them. Then take them to a store that does professional photo printing.
  • For some services, you will need to bring your own supplies, such as iron on transfer paper, t-shirts and flash drives.
  • Please ask a Library staff person if you have questions or concerns and plan ahead to guarantee success with your project!


application-pdfLiability Waiver
application-pdfMinor Liability Waiver
application-pdfFamily Liability Waiver

Studio M is funded by a bequest from Margaret C. Gryson, a gift from Penny and John North, The Friends of the Monroe Township Library and The Wells Fargo Bank.

3D Printing:

Studio M has a MakerBot Replicator 2 available to have your 3D designs processed into physical objects.

Manufacturer specifics about the Replicator 2:

The studio also has a portable Printrbot Simple 3D printer for outreach events; such as school functions, computer clubs, and community events.

The cost of 3D printing is $0.25 per 0.1 oz. An estimate will be given before your print is started.

Available filament colors: Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, Orange, Pink, Gold, Silver and Glow-in-the-Dark

The 3D printer is run by trained staff and volunteers.

To schedule an appointment, inquire about 3D printer operating hours, or for more information, please contact Steve Hrubes at 732-521-5000, or

3D Design Resources:

Here’s a list of good resources to create your own 3D designs, or find an already existing design to meet your needs.




123D Catch

123D Design


Button Making:

Studio M has a buttonmaker. The button size is 2.25” in diameter.

No appointment is necessary. Button making is available up until a half an hour before library closing time.

The cost of button making is $0.25 per button.

Instructional video:

For more information, please contact Steve Hrubes at 732-521-5000, or

T-Shirt Heat Press

Studio M has a T-shirt heat press to facilitate the creation of your own graphic design clothing.

You supply the t-shirt and transfer paper. 100% cotton fabric is recommended. Designs should be printed out on the transfer paper using an inkjet printer. Designs can be printed on the library’s inkjet printers if necessary.

To schedule an appointment, inquire about availability, or for more information, please contact Steve Hrubes at 732-521-5000, or

Photo/Slide/Negative Scanning

Studio M has a Canon scanner to scan your documents, photos, 35 mm negatives, and slides.

Do you have boxes of old photographs, negatives, and slides that you’d like to digitize and share with family and friends? Come to Studio M and start scanning today.


Studio M is now taking applications for volunteer positions.

Are you interested in technology? Would you like to learn how to use a 3D printer? Do you like helping other people? Apply today for a hands-on rewarding experience.

Volunteer form coming soon!

Applicants must be in high school or older.

Volunteers commit to a 1-2 hour weekly shift.

Photo/Video Editing

The iMacs in the studio have iMovie, iPhoto, and Adobe Photoshop Elements installed to assist you with your editing projects.

There is a Green Screen in the studio for special effect video recording.

Sewing Machines

The library has 6 sewing machines and offers a variety of classes for adults. Types of classes generally fall into 3 categories:

  • Meet Your Sewing Machine – Learn about sewing machines with this hands-on session for adults. You will learn how to wind a bobbin, thread a needle and practice stitching. Class is 1 hour.
  • Project Classes – Learn to sew a specific item such as pillowcases, table runner, apron, zippered pouch, etc. Students bring their own fabric to class. Patterns and white thread are provided. Class is 2 hours. Students must take the Meet Your Sewing Machine class or have prior machine sewing experience to take a project class.
  • Open Sewing – Students will bring their own projects on which to work – there is not a planned project; everyone will be working on their own. If you would like to use a pattern we have previously used in class, the pattern and information can be available to you.
    Students must take the Meet Your Sewing Machine class or have prior machine sewing knowledge to take this class.

The sewing machines are also used for children’s programming and by special arrangement for groups, such as girl scout troops.

All scheduled sewing programs are on the Library’s event calendar. Registration is required for all sewing classes.