Downloading Digital Audiobooks using OneClickdigital

OCD_Lib_Web-Banner-thmbYou can download digital audiobooks from OneClickdigital. The collection includes approximately 3,000 adult titles and over 900 children’s and young adult titles. Additional titles are added each quarter.

The OneClickdigital Media Manager is the easiest way for you to download, transfer and manage your audiobooks. Using the Media Manager will require a one-time installation of a program onto your computer. This is a quick and easy download and can be done following these instructions. Once you have installed the Media Manager on your computer, simply double click the Media Manager icon on your desktop. The application will open and you are now ready to log in. Use the same username and password as you did to log into the website. We recommend using the Media Manager in most situations, unless you are running anything older than Windows XP.

To get started, go to the Monroe Township Library’s OneClickDigital collection and select the Create New Account link in the upper right side of the screen, or select the Login link and then click the Create an Account button from there.

Enter the library information and personal information required by our library.

Choose whether you are a Windows or Other(Mac) user.

For Windows users, choose whether or not to use the OneClickdigital Media Manager as your default player. This is the preferred method and it allows for the easiest download experience. Windows users that wish to download manually should select “No”. We recommend that most Windows users select to use the OneClickdigital Media Manager as their method to download audiobooks and transfer them onto their portable devices. This is a small program that is installed on your computer. It generally takes about 5-10 minutes to install, depending on internet speeds.

If you choose the “Use Manual Download” method, when checking out a title, you will be asked where to save the file. Choose a location on your computer to save the file and the audiobook will be downloaded as a .Zip file.

For Mac users, visit the Mac App store to download the OneClickdigital Media Player (for OS 10.6 or greater) or download the MAC Instructions for manual transfers.

Next you select a Default Device. If you are an iPod, iPhone, iPad or iTouch user, select “iTunes” as your Default Device. Users with a non-Apple device select “Other”.

Enter your First Name and Last Name and the Zip/Postal code associated with the address linked to your library card.

Create a username and password. This will be the information that you use to sign in each time.

Enter your email address and then reenter to confirm it. You need a valid email address in order to create an account. 

Click Create an Account.

If you selected to use the OneClickdigital Media Manager as your download method, you will be brought to the installation page for the Media Manger.  Follow the steps to install the Media Manager and begin using the service.  

For more details on getting started, watch the Tutorial Videos on the OneClickdigital site.


Please contact Karen Klapperstuck at (732) 521-5000 or